In reflex type of glass level gauges, one side of glass part that is exposed to the liquid has a prismatic surface, and the other side is smooth. The liquid level inside the level gauge is indicated as a result of light reflection, since the liquid filled area completely absorbs the rays of light and appears dark, whereas the rays of light are totally reflected in the gas/ air filled area which appears bright.

Reflex level gauge has lower purchase and maintenance costs, but it’s not suitable for two phases liquids and observing the color of liquid

گلس لول گیج

Max. Temperature: 400°C
Max. Pressure: 250 barg

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Max. Temperature: 400°C
Max. Pressure: 250 barg

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گلس لول گیج


Safety ball check

Graduated scale frost protection

Drain /vent valves

Non-frost device

Electric or steam tracer [heating jacket]

External heating or cooling

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PTFE lining