Sight Flow Indicator


GERYAL’s Sight Flow Indicators are designed to facilitate instant visual indication of liquids flowing through pipes even from a distance. All products are hydrostatically tested to ensure reliability in harsh operating conditions. They are a cost effective and efficient way to visually monitor the flow of fluids, and to determine if any problems exist along the process pipeline Visual inspection and proper control of vital areas are important in processes for proper operation of well-designed. These are available in various types such as Flapper, Drip Lip, Full View, Elbow etc. Single windows in flanged or screwed and other end connection. Flow indicators for optical monitoring of fluids and gases in horizontal and vertical tubes. monitoring of multiple fluid lines is necessary.




One of the benefits of sight flow indicators is their versatility. Common applications involve monitoring fluid flow through filter, cooling, and intake / outlet pumping lines, as well as numerous other industrial processes. In addition, sight flow indicators are useful as backups for meters, switches and other control devices.

Installation method
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